CIMIL fully adheres to the principles of open science, not only by making all its publications as green or gold Open Access, but also by releasing open-source software and open datasets created by CIMIL researchers. The software and datasets reported below are documented both on the related repository page and on the associated scientific publication.

The released code and dataset repositories are available at the CIMIL’s GitHub page:


Libraries, wrappers, and tutorials

  • C++ TimbreID library: port of sixteen Pure Data (Pd) objects from the Timbre ID external to the C++ language with the JUCE Framework. The library includes an expressive guitar technique recognition plugin and a feature extraction plugin.
  • Deep inference wrappers: library wrappers for classification with four different deep inference wrappers.
  • Guide for Deep Learning deployment on Embedded Computers with Elk Audio OS: templates, example projects, and an in-depth stepwise guide to deploying deep learning inference Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plugins to embedded computers with Elk Audio OS.


Audio plugins

  • VST of the Footstep Sounds Synthesis Engine