This page shows some of the hardware and software systems developed by CIMIL researchers. More information can be found on the Publications page and on the Lab’s YouTube channel.

Musical XR projects

FreesoundVR: soundscape composition in Virtual Reality using online sound repositories

Smart guitar prototypes

Smart guitar integrating a real-time pattern recognition algorithm for monophonic MIDI sequences

Smart guitar interacting with the cloud-based music repository Jamendo

L. Turchet, J. Pauwels, C. Fischione, and G. Fazekas. Cloud-Smart Musical Instrument Interactions: Querying a Large Music Collection with a Smart Guitar. ACM Transactions on the Internet of Things, 1(3), 1–29, 2020. PDF

Smart guitar acting as a hub for mobile devices used by other performers for collaborative music making

L. Turchet and M. Barthet. An ubiquitous smart guitar system for collaborative musical practice. Journal of New Music Research, 48(4), 352–365, 2019. PDF

Smart Mandolin

Smart mandolin interacting with mobiles used by audience members participating to the music creation process

L. Turchet and M. Barthet. Jamming with a Smart Mandolin and Freesound-based accompaniment. In Proceedings of the IEEE Conference of Open Innovations Association (FRUCT), pages 375-381, 2018. PDF

Musical haptic wearables

Musical haptic wearables for the audience

L. Turchet, T. West, and M.M. Wanderley. Touching the audience: Musical Haptic Wearables for augmented and participatory live music performances. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing Journal, 1–21, 2020. PDF

Musical haptic wearables for visually-impaired performers

L. Turchet, T. Stockman and D. Baker. Musical Haptic Wearables for Synchronisation of Visually-impaired Performers: a Co-design Approach. In Proceedings of the ACM International Conference on Interactive Media Experiences, pp 20-27, 2021.

Music tutoring system

App to support musicians in learning scales for improvisations

T. Borgogno and L. Turchet. ImproScales: a self-tutoring web system for using scales in improvisations. In Proceedings of the Audio Mostly Conference, 2022.