The Creative, Intelligent and Multisensory Interactions Laboratory (CIMIL) is one of the research teams within the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science of University of Trento.

CIMIL is an interdisciplinary research lab committed to research on new forms of interaction and experience, based on emerging technologies. The aim is to be at the forefront of innovation on various sectors, including the industrial, artistic and cultural ones.  

Our vision is to design and create innovative technologies to solve real-world problems. We believe that it is of crucial importance to understand the needs of people in order to design technologies effectively capable of delivering optimal user experiences and addressing community-driven problems.

To this end, CIMIL promotes an interdisciplinary research culture that brings together diverse areas of interest and inquiry, including technology (engineering, computer science), humanities (social sciences, ethics, experimental psychology), and art (music, interactive installations).

Our work falls into six broad categories:

  • Education: We teach students to design, develop and evaluate proof of concepts prototypes of interactive systems that have intelligent and multisensory features.
  • Basic research: We aim to devise novel hardware and software multisensory technology and improve existing ones, as well as understand perceptions, behaviors and emotions of their users.
  • Applied research:  We aim to support and empower specific user groups (both able-bodied and disabled, such as the visually-impaired) by means of creative, intelligent, and multisensory technology. We also aim to contribute to standardization activities.
  • Art and culture:  We aim to explore new forms of artistic expression and production (including performance, pedagogy, composition), as well as promote and preserve cultural heritage.
  • Innovation: We actively collaborate with startups and companies towards the creation of novel technological concepts and products
  • Dissemination: We spread information about the results of our research through various means, including open access practices

To learn about our research labs, projects, or developed software and datasets, go to the Research section. If you are interested in knowing about initiatives to promote industrial collaborations, visit the Industry section. For information about our education programs including undergraduate and postgraduate education, visit the Education section. For outreach activities including creative and music-related initiatives, community resources, or dissemination, visit the Outreach section. For job opportunities, visit the Openings section. You can also contact us for any other information about CIMIL.

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